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    Working with our Writing Team

    For most of our team members, journalism is not only a profession but also a calling. They don’t hesitate to walk the extra mile to bestow you with valuable nuggets of information. Our task is just not to finish writing news but also to do a follow-up.

    For example, if a disaster strikes we just not only give the information regarding the disaster but also go deep into what efforts are put in place to rehabilitate the victims of that particular calamity.


    Benefits of White Paper in Elevating Your Business

    Did you know that well-researched and well-crafted white papers can help turn your business as a thought leader? A study in 2016 showed that 63% of B2B businesses consider white papers as an effective form of communication. 


    They not only make you stand out in a competitive scenario but also drive results and help you pivot! Here are six benefits of white papers for your business! 

    1. Establish Authority and Credibility

    White papers can help prove your credibility by sharing valuable insights and authoritative information on any subject with your prospects. Thus, they can prove your business to be an influential and reliable force in your industry. 

    This is highly beneficial for your brand image, making you a dependable name in your field – with a treasure trove of knowledge.


    2. Generate Quality Leads

    A white paper can be the ultimate power tool to level up your marketing game. The education you provide offers value to your potential customers – and they’ll sign up for your newsletters!

    No more efforts to persuade prospects to share email IDs! Quality information can pique your audience’s interest, leaving it asking for more – and your email list builds itself!

    3. Spread Awareness about Lesser-Known Subjects

    With white papers, you can exhibit your awareness of unique challenges in any field. They can showcase that you have hands-on experience with facing and handling various problems in your trade. 

    White papers let you address the roots of lesser-known crises and present your unique views of higher-level issues. They prove that your solutions are backed by research and expertise. 


    4. Support Claims with Research and Facts

    Don’t just make tall promises and claims! Back them up with research, statistics, and facts. A white paper can show that you have identified and analyzed your audience’s pain points – and devised solutions!

    You can publish your own research – and spread expertise. White papers help you beat mediocrity and turn your platform as the go-to resource provider. 

    5. Streamline Ideas and Passion

    Communication is the key when it comes to expressing your thoughts and solutions. A white paper can streamline your vision and aim and present them in a structured manner.

    A well-written white paper identifies a crisis, showcases your approach toward solving it, and presents your solution clearly and concisely. It’s a thought-provoking way of showing your intention, tools, and skills.


    6. Simplify and Sell Complex Products, Services, and Ideas

    Your business needs buyers and investors who need a clear picture of what you are offering them. White papers collate facts and explain them with numbers, visual aids, and more!

    You can use research and reports to demonstrate what you’re offering to potential buyers, angel investors, or venture capitalists. They can make an informed decision – and you can multiply your sales! 

    Outsource White Papers - Or Write Them Yourself?

    White papers require expertise, time, and in-house resources. Why write your own white papers when you can hire expert white paper writers? Leave the job of writing high-quality white papers that resonate with your audience to the best in the industry. Meanwhile, you can focus on your business and core operations. 

    Here’s why you should outsource white papers – 

    Does your in-house team have the expertise and experience required to write white papers in an effective way and generate results? If not, outsourcing the job to a professional team might be the best option.

    White paper writing experts are experienced in delivering quality reports in problem/solution, backgrounder, and numbered-list categories. 

    Do you have the time required to pen down the process of identifying and analyzing pain points? Do the tasks of researching, writing, formatting, and editing fit into your schedule?

    If not, bringing a professional writer on board can save you time. And you can dedicate it to what you do best - your business and its growth!

    Do you have a budget allocated for writers who can deliver white papers? Having an in-house team with researchers, writers, proofreaders, etc., does not come for free. 

    Instead, outsourcing the task to a single team might be more cost-effective. Writing service providers offer different packages that can be customized to suit your budget.

    Quality can set a great result-generating white paper apart from mediocre ones. Can you guarantee that the final paper your team writes makes you credible and attracts your prospects?

    Outsourcing the task to professional writing service providers can ensure that the white paper is based on extensive research. What’s more, they provide original, accurate, and engaging content!

    Every business has a unique object and a fresh perspective. And white papers must be aligned with everything your brand stands for!

    Do you have experience writing reports that reinforce your brand's identity? If not, let expert writers identify the tone of every business - and sync it with that of the white papers.


    Why Choose Pro-Riterz’s White Paper Writing Service?

    What makes Pro-Riterz India’s No.1 choice for high-quality white paper content writing services? At Pro-Riterz, we are equipped with a team of experienced experts who can improve your brand image and position your business as a thought leader. 

    • Depending on your niche and needs, we will pair you with the best writers on our team with prior experience in your business domain. 
    • The content we produce goes through separate stages of planning and outline creation, deep research, optimized writing, quality assurance, and proofreading. 
    • We carefully consider your requirements, pain points, unique approach, and guidelines to design white papers that reflect your objectives.  

    Pro-Riterz has gained phenomenal credibility in the trade of professional white paper content writing, as is evident by the feathers in our hat:



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    Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal – which is why we provide unlimited revisions – until you get what you want! 

    So contact us TODAY – and give your business the boost it needs to stand out in the crowd!

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      The cost of writing a white paper may depend on factors like the type of paper, research work required, style and approach, etc. At Pro-Riterz, we have a variety of packages for your white paper needs. We will consider your needs and your budget and customize the package.

      White papers may vary in length between 3 pages and 300 pages. However, a modern white paper that captures the essence of a business and explains the topic at hand in a concise and crisp manner is usually 6-8 pages.

      White papers often end up being too long, with ramblings and dry information. They may also sound like a sales pitch. These are huge turn-offs for the prospects and can be avoided with a concise presentation and a cohesive argument. Professional content writers can help avoid such elementary but common problems. 

      We take <time range> to present white papers. The exact turnaround time for writing white papers by Pro-Riterz depends on the subject at hand, the treatment required, and other factors. Having said that, we believe that time is of the essence - and we respect deadlines. 

      We provide unlimited revisions after writing the first draft of a white paper. Your satisfaction is of ultimate value to us. Until we can deliver exactly what you are looking for and can capture your brand value and essence, we continue to provide revisions and cater to your edit requests.

      A famous example of a white paper is the Churchill White Paper 1922, a British Policy statement. Modern white papers from businesses include visual representations of data and information, along with attractive elements. An excellent example of such a paper is “Cisco – Networking and your competitive edge white paper.”

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