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Pro-Riterz is a leading provider of news writing services in India. We focus on developing exceptional and unique news articles provided by our news content writers. Having brief experience in news article writing, we are considered a go-to choice by many clients looking for high-quality, engaging, and informative news article services in India.

The team of expert writers is well-versed in the latest trends and formatting styles in the news domain, which ensures that the clients receive the best and most accurate information. To experience unparalleled solutions in the world of news, contact our team now.

    Working with our News Writing Team

    For most of our team members, journalism is not only a profession but also a calling. They don’t hesitate to walk the extra mile to bestow you with valuable nuggets of information. Our task is just not to finish writing news but also to do a follow-up.

    For example, if a disaster strikes we just not only give the information regarding the disaster but also go deep into what efforts are put in place to rehabilitate the victims of that particular calamity.


    How Do We Write Factual and Unbiased News Articles and Stories?

    Pro-Riterz focuses on providing accurate news, without getting biased for any particular party, irrespective of their religion, race, political view, and other related factors. Having committed to providing fast and data-related news, we are chosen by many clients today.


    We follow the six simple steps while Writing the news articles:

    First, we do extensive research on the topic or domain that is assigned to us. We collect all the information about the particular topic or event in a single place.

    Step 1


    Step 2

    Cross-Check or Verify The Information

    Next, we cross-check or verify the information from other authoritative sources to ensure that the news is real. After cross-checking, we only include the important aspects of the event to our news article.

    Based on the information we collect, we create the outline and get it reviewed by the news editors. If the reviewer approves the outline, we start writing. However, if any suggestions come, we try to incorporate those changes to our articles.

    Step 3

    Creating Outline

    Step 4

    Unbiased and Balanced Writing

    We cross-check the facts, and write accurate news without being biased toward any particular party. We also try to keep the articles simple and reader-friendly while providing important details about the topic.

    After writing the news, we proofread the content to ensure there are no factual or grammatical errors. Next, it gets reviewed by the editors to ensure no mistakes are done by the writer.

    Step 5

    Editing and Proofreading

    Step 6

    News Article Delivery

    If the news article gets a green signal from the editor, the QA checks for the formatting and other details and delivers it to the client.


    Why Should You Choose Pro-Riterz News Writing Service?

    Pro-Riterz is a leading news content provider consisting of a team of reliable and experienced news writers. Our news stories are compiled with the SEO guidelines in mind, which helps you to rank better on Google and other search engines.

    Being a top-notch content writing agency, Pro-Riterz provides engaging news content and fulfills the diversified requirements of clients. We are growing at a fast pace and are trusted by many today. To discuss some points, we have:



    100 +

    Content Pieces

    70 K+

    Years of Experience

    5 +


    200 +

    Google Reviews

    4.5 +

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    The format we use while writing news is pyramid style. This means the article starts with the detailed or most concerning part and ends with the impact or overall effect it could have on other aspects. Download the sample formatting here:


      A basic 500-word news article typically costs around 300-450 INR. However, the price could vary as well, depending on the experience of the writers, requirements, research, and other factors.

      Yes, we are a diverse team of writers, each having expertise in a different niche like Alternative Lending, MMA, Technology, Real-estate, etc. Depending on the requirements of the client, we assign writers from different fields to the work.

      For a news article of 500 words, our turnaround time is 1.5-2 hours. We spent 50% of the total time doing the research, 30% writing and proofreading, and the remaining time editing and delivering the article to the client.

      It depends on which niche we are writing about. For example, for an article that contains more data, we provide more revisions than a generic article without any data or analytical requirements. Still, we provide revisions at least three times (1 time by the writer, and the rest by editors) before submitting.

      We pick writers who have experience in different niches. Then we train them as per our clients' guidelines and assign them to work on a particular domain of their convenience and evaluate their performance accordingly.

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