How we took a site to 100x valuation within 8 months with our Content [Case Study, 2021]

Following is the tale about a Content Site that began its journey merely as an experiment and ended up getting sold for 100x valuation!

Sounds Impressive? That is precisely a demonstration of how just quality Content together with Social Signals and Interlinks can do.

It was a narrow-sector in Fishing Niche that did exceptionally well and with great potential.


Brandable, 12 letters, PMD, (dot)com


Content Site with Amazon Associate as monetization


Expired domain with 4-5 clean link history, no PBN, or Google penalty. Property bought from Google Domains.


Custom design using Generatepress, Hosted by Digitalocean on WordPress


4 clear Categories for posting Content, viz. Single Product Review, Comparison, ‘Best of’ articles, Informative Articles.

The ratio of Singular reviews: Best of: info: comparison = 11:6:7:6

Total Post count: 30 articles including all of the types stated above.


Informative Articles= 1000-2000 words on average

Best of articles= 3000-6000 words on average

Comparison type articles= 2500-3500 words on average

Singular Review articles= 1500-3000 words on average

Approx Total Word count on the site= 70-93k




Nov, 9- Listicle

Nov, 6- Comparison

Nov, 2- Info

Nov, 1- Comparison


Oct, 31- Singular Review

Oct, 30- LIsticle

Oct, 29- Singular Review



July, 16- Singular Review

July, 11- listicle

July, 9- Info

July, 5- Singular review

July, 3-Comparison

July, 1- Listicle


June, 25- Singular Review

June, 25- Info

June, 23- Singular

June, 21- Info

June, 21- Comparison

June, 12- Info

June,8- Singular

June,7- comparison

June, 7- Listicle

June,5- Singular

June, 4- info

June, 3- Info

June, 1- Singular


May, 30- Listicle

May, 27- Singular

May, 25-Comparison

May, 21-Singular Review

First Article to rank on Google Snippet was a Comparison type post. Which was ranking for ‘Ibobber vs Deeper’ and all related keywords.


First bulk click was detected on June 2020, precisely on June 3rd, with 15 clicks to start with. Throughout the entire June, 156 Clicks was observed but unfortunately, no Orders.

The first Sale was seen in October 2020 with 2 orders and 116 clicks.

The most significant surge was seen in November 2020, with 11 ordered items and 430 clicks.

The site was sold in January for a whopping 100x valuation!


Posts that were uploaded on-site were distributed over Facebook and Pinterest mainly, with a custom caption, thumbnail image, and link.

Interlinks were used mainly as a separate entity with CTA of ‘Must read’ or ‘Check Out’ or besides the button of ‘Product Display Tab.

Most of the thumbnails were just a screenshot from Youtube Videos, edited to avoid Copyright claims or custom images designed by the designer/web developer.

The keyword strategy was simple. We scraped only those keywords having KD of 20 or below, regardless of Volume.

Apart from using the Primary Keywords throughout the article, we always incorporated as many of the other keywords from the list.

Besides using that, we also used Google’s People Also search for’ terms and ‘Related Search’ Terms.

We made sure to put at least 5 commonly asked FAQs from Google SERP + KW related questions from Ahref. Worked really well.


All because of Content Magic, Research, neat and clean design, and custom images, along with a simple Content Distribution Strategy.


We researched through the top 10 pages in our niche and accumulated all the subheadings. We found a great pattern.

Some sites were having A, B, C as subheadings but not D. Some had B, C, D but not A. Again some had others but not all!

We used our principle of clubbing existing subheadings to churn meaty, wholesome articles, that were at least 500-1000 words more than similar competitor articles.

Thus, our articles had all the A, B, C, D subheadings plus E, F, G, H.

Here is the Content Structure we used:

How to Category:

1. Intro: (150-200)

2. How product works (200-300)

3. How ___ works (200-300)

4. Which is best for ____ (200-300)

5. Tools required for ______ (200)

6. Steps to ____ (800-1000)

7. Precautions (200-300)

8. Why should you consider _____? (200-300)

9. Conclusion (200-300 words)

Total word count: Anywhere between 1000-2000

Best of Category:

1. Intro: (150-200 words) (catchy, to the point, addressing the audience’s mayhem in choosing the best)

2. Why is it important to get the right device for yourself? (150-200 words)

3. Product review Section: (best 8-10 products from Amazon US)

4. Buying guide for products (factors to consider and how to buy the best as per your needs) (word count isn’t a factor but depends on you, though preferably 1000-1500)

5. FAQs (5 general FAQs about products and it’s choice)

6. Winner of the race! (Give something more attractive subheading and give your choice regarding the best one overall! Rate it out of 5 in overall. This was unique for our site)

7. Final Verdict (200-300 words)

Total Word count: Anywhere between 3000-6000

Comparison Category

ABC vs. XYZ – [Nice catch line]

1. Intro: (150-200)

2. About ABC brand and models (include 2-3 unique features that’s specific for this brand only)

3. About XYZ brand and models (include 2-3 unique features that’s specific for this brand only)

4. Features of differentiations (like accuracy, durability, take each point and compare)

5. 5 models of ABC (In descending order of superiority)

6. 5 models of XYZ (In descending order of superiority)

7. Our Ratings (rate both the products mentioned there individually based on all the features)

8. FAQs on general questions regarding the product ( you can check competitor links)

9. Conclusion (200-300 words) (editor’s choice winner)

Total word count: Anywhere between 2500-3500

Reviews Category

ABC- [Review] – [Tagline]

1. Intro: (150-200)

2. Key features of the review sections should be added. (Give a good subheading and explain each of the key features including one SPECIAL AND UNIQUE FEATURE)

3. Pros

4. Cons

5. Who should be using this? (Based on how readers want to use it, suggest for whom this products are better)

6. Specifications.

7. Our Ratings (give a good subheading and write 100 words and give them a personalized rating)

8. Different other models (Give best 3-5 in order of their features)

9. Conclusion (200-300 words)

Total word count: Anywhere between 1500-3000And that’s about it.

What made this site worthy was the careful selection of Content Style, structure and of course proper Content Distribution across other platforms.

Quality of the content played a vital role in ranking since zero-few external links were built just to support the infrastructure.

Once again, it’s proved beyond doubt that- Content is the King!